About Us


VGC CreatorDex is intended to list all of the VGC content creators in one easily accessible place. Our list is compiled of creators, both large and small, in hopes that everyone can find a community (or communities) that suit them and their preferences the best. 

Our goal is to continually update the list as new creators emerge, as well as fill in the blanks on some of the current ones we may have missed. Overall the list is meant to be as complete as we can make it. However, if you notice that we are missing  some of your favorite creators do not hesitate to contact us.  


As mentioned above, VGC CreatorDex is intended to be a complete list of the content creators. However, knowing this is a very ambitious statement, we greatly appreciate: any feedback, recommended additions of creators, as well as reports of any errors, misinformation, or updates for our currently listed creators. 

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Thank you for your feedback, our team will respond as soon as possible.